Jow's Arcade

ACQUIRED: 10/20/09

Taxi was the only pinball machine I have any memories of playing out in the wild as a kid.  I remember growing up, and having a pinball machine at home, but it never really worked well, so I didnt play it much.  Anyhow, for whatever reason as a kid, whenever I saw a Taxi pinball machine I had to play it.  I was never good at pinball, so the game never really lasted long but it was fun.  I think all of the lights, sounds, pop bumpers, speed, and cool artwork drew me to playing Taxi.  The voice work was awesome -- I still love hearing Dracula shout "YO! Taxi!", and when I first started collected arcade games back in 2003, I knew I needed a Taxi pinball machine one day.  Pinball machines are, well, really expensive so this game was a search that took almost 7 years.  I was lucky enough to get a killer deal from a fellow arcade collector Jeff Rivera out in Utah, and after a nerve racking shipment, Taxi is finally part of the Garcade.  Its amazing finally being able to have a pinball machine at home, and I look forward to learning about them, and playing the heck out of this game!  YOU GIVE GORBIE RIDE!