Jow's Arcade

ATARI, 1983
ACQUIRED: 07/30/10
SERIAL #: 1588

Food Fight was a game I never thought I would own to be honest.  Its one of those "serious collector" types -- a rare game, a beautiful cabinet, and a game that usually commands top dollar.  I actually came into this game on accident.  I had asked a local collector buddy about a different game than Food Fight, and somehow the game came up in conversation, and I knew I had to have it.  The price was right, and now Food Fight has a spot in the gameroom.  I had never heard of Food Fight until I got into the arcade collecting scene back in 2004, and never got to play the game until the California Extreme show in 2007.  A fun game for sure, and simple enough for anyone to understand and play.  One thing to note about this cabinet, is the artwork.  My cabinet shows Charley Chuck in a solid red shirt, while the flyer shows him in a red ringer shirt.  Not sure why there is a difference?  I had heard that the cabinet I have is an earlier run,  but I'm not sure?  The serial number is on the lower end, I guess.  Who knows.